Defeating Labour, not New Labour

MatGB has an idea to get (New) Labour out of office. It is an interesting post.

Firstly, though, a minor thing. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t about New Labour. It’s about Labour. We need to get Labour out of office. ‘New Labour’ is a snappy campaign slogan, and a method of campaigning. It’s not a political party. To pin the blame on New Labour is to actually let the Labour party get away with it.

We saw this at the last General Election, when the party began to realise that the New Labour idea was beginning to lose them votes — that’s when Brown took a larger role (thinking back, how did they not completely balls it up with Brown taking a significant role?). Blaming it all on New Labour lets the supposedly ‘real’ / ‘left-wing’ / ‘old’ Labour off the hook.

Because if there is one group of people that is in an ideal position to stop ‘New Labour’ in its tracks, it ought to be this ‘old Labour’ bunch. But over the past few years we have seen, time and time again, proof that ‘old Labour’ is either completely mythical or, even worse, all mouth and no trousers. Since 1997 Labour has got away with far more fucked up stuff than the Conservatives would have. And why is that? Because those bastards on the ‘left’ keep on letting the leadership get away with it. Surely it should be obvious when this group chooses — *snigger* — Gordon Brown as its unofficial figurehead.

They say, “oh, but if you don’t vote for Labour we’ll end up with a Conservative government.” Well, do you know what? I’ve been saying this for a while now — I’d far rather vote for the Conservatives than Labour at the moment. In fact, for the forseeable future. If it leads to a Conservative government, so what? As far as I can tell, it would be no worse than several more years of Blairbrown leadership.

Mind you, under the grossly skewed Labour Past the Post electoral system, it will be an uphill struggle to boot them out.

That is why I agree with MatGB’s post. He says, “Lib Dem and Conservative bloggers [should] emphasise the links between the parties, and persuade activists to put aside old scores.” I’m up for it.

Update: Nosemonkey has another angry one. “Kim Il-Blair will be replaced by Kim Brown-Il.” Hahah.

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  1. Don’t know why the media keeps painting Brown as in some way more ‘left’ or ‘old’ Labour than Blair; he’s integral to the NuLab project, the rest is just spin.

    There are some decent, honest Labour MPs. Some. Most have bought into the crock. Besides, need the support of traditional and converted Labour voters; can’t tell them they were supporting a disgrace across the board, need to tell them to get NuLab out, they can relate to that. It’s all spin, but at least I’m honest…