The big shiny new thingy that Tim Ireland’s been going on about has been launched today.

BlogCode. Pretty cool, huh? I haven’t got any strong matches yet, but the top five at the moment all meet with my approval, so it seems to work pretty well!

Powered by StoryCode

By the way, why not go and code some blogs yourself? Code this blog if you have time. The more blogs are coded, the more accurate and useful it is for everybody.


  1. Just thought I’d say ‘hi’ from the other end of the BlogCode connection.
    I dig the tool, I do think (as I mentioned on my site) that the site itself needs some editting (from a documentation perspective) and there are a couple of bugs (which is understandable, given it is in beta).
    Interesting idea, though.
    It seems like so much of whats going on right now is an attempt to make the blogosphere more like a news-stand.
    It’ll get more interesting the more immersive the web becomes, the more graphical.