Simon and Miquita leave Popworld

AAAARRRRGH. Simon and Miquita are leaving Popworld (via). I love Simon and Miquita — they really make pop stars work hard for their respect. It is so refreshing compared to the endless sycophancy you get on other programmes. Weekend mornings will never be the same again. 🙁

Update: According to this thread on TV Forum, unfunnyman Alex Zane is being lined up to replace them. Grrrr. Apparently, with Simon taking the piss out of everybody all the time, Popworld was having trouble booking guests. Bloody celebrities.

Update the second: Via Prolix comes this brilliant interview with the two. They’d both leave you know. Yup.


  1. This is indeed a tragedy. I fear the show will die a slow and popstar-fawning death without them. make no mistake, they WERE the show and wrote much of the material themselves. Arse.

  2. Noooo! That is seriously disappointing. And they’re going to be replaced by fawning, tedious, “aren’t celebrities brilliant”, smary gits. As if we don’t have enough of those already.

    Bloody celebrities indeed.