McLaren unveil new livery

McLaren have unveiled their new livery, and it is the world’s largest rear-view mirror. Also, it is fugly. I think without that extra red on the front and rear wings it would look good, but it just looks like a mess at the moment. Another red livery — just what we need! Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, Midland and now McLaren all have similar liveries! It’s gonna be a nightmare to watch F1 this year.


  1. Don’t forget the spot-the-difference competition that is Sauber BMW vs. Williams-Cosworth.

    Add to this the Red Bull/Toro Rosso cars (which will probably be practically identical in colour scheme) and Super Aguri (probably going to be white, a la Honda). Whoever it was that said a few years ago “If all the cars were painted the same, the team managers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them” was on to something…