THE LIB DEMS WON. What was a “safe” Labour seat has been turned into a three-way marginal. How did that happen? Gordon Brown’s meddling perhaps. That’ll teach him to stand in Rosyth talking about job security. I hope Labour take this as the big “fuck you” that it clearly is. And this is also a clear message that no amount of rummaging in people’s private lives puts voters off. So let’s hope Murdoch takes the hint as well.

Update: Arthur’s Seat interestingly thinks that Cameron’s fakey-cakey liberal-lite pronouncements have made it more likely for people to vote Lib Dem rather than the Conservatives. Jamie K reckons the voters were all smelly Labour types though… (Here’s a clue: they were actually Lib Dem voters.)


  1. Huzzah!Rejoice! In your face, Mr Blair! Safe Labour seat? Ha! That’s going to become an oxymoron if Blair stays in power much longer. The Labour party has no-one to blame but themselves. Sort it out people. And it seems news of the Lib Dems death has been greatly

  2. On the contrary, I take this as evidence that all the rummaging around in people’s lives that Blair’s trying to get up does put voters off.

  3. Well, my point was mainly that the general drift towards the Lib dems is from Labour rather than the Tories, which last night’s result tended to confirm.

  4. Thanks for the hat-tip; my point was more D&WF specific. The Tory tactics would work well in a seat where they were challenging against the LibDems, eg in Aberdeenshire, or possibly EdinS – but not in a seat where they were 4th and susceptible to being squeezed.
    In the end the Cameron tactics are about regaining all those M4 and M5 constituencies…

  5. I’ve been saying the LibDems need to work on stealing Labour votes for ages, nice to see it happening now.

    Arthur’s right about Cameron’s tactics, but they’r ejust not going to win the country with them, the LibDems just turn around and say “our clothes, thank you” and sweep up.

    It’s only the Tory/LibDem marginals that matter on this thing, and in that, Labour voters needed for the LibDems just as much, always have been.