Google Chat

Well, given that I wrote about it the other day without having actually used it, I’ll just quickly write my brief thoughts on Google Chat. It’s pretty nifty; quite impressive, and quite similar to what I expected. Interestingly, unlike in Google Talk, emoticons are actually there (in a sense!). I think that Google Chat is best viewed as an optional extra, as I’d rather use Google Talk if I could. However, Google Chat would be extremely useful if you were on a PC that doesn’t have Google Talk installed.


  1. I could have used this function last year, when I was at University. Back then we and a mate used to email each other back and forth via gmail rather than use MSN, the latter being ironically clunky to operate on the University network. Now i can’t think of anything i’d speak to on gmail – everybody is either on MSN or Skype…

    Damn proprietory systems!

  2. i found it impossible to sign in?Why did you guys made it so complex???I don’t get it!