February 2006

Votes at Xteen

I haven’t bothered reading very much about the Power Inquiry because I’ve heard from some that it’s pretty much predictable stuff (“a bit like a reformers greatest hits album”) and from others that it’s not actually that good. Besideswhich, there have been several reports that have made obvious common sense suggestions for electoral reform which […]

Shorter Bob Piper

On the launch of Liberty Central: “Civil liberties are all very well, but if it’s the Labour Party shitting on them there’s no way I’m getting in their way.” That just sums it up doesn’t it? Here’s a good one. I’ve got an immediate aversion to anything which smells of coalition… Interesting. What does that […]

Old vs. new Autechre

I meant to blog about this ages ago, but I forgot. I found out about this cool set of mashuper style things, mixing together the tracks from Autechre’s latest album, Untilted, with some of their earliest releases in the early 1990s. I wasn’t sure if I was going to download the whole lot, but when […]

Who needs Yakult?

Just a wee one to say that I’ve updated the blogroll today. It’s one of those things to do on a boring Saturday, isn’t it? I always do it on a Saturday. The already disgusting length of the blogroll has increased further, fully justifying my decision to take it off the front page and ghettoise […]

I love Firefox

No real news there, except that I’ve just found out about a nifty Firefox plugin for smelly students like me who use the Athens authentication system, via Spontaneous Monotony. It is an official Athens toolbar which lets you log in and log out easily, which is a godsend really because there have been many times […]

Now I know why Radio 4 listeners are so conservative

I am probably your typical lazy student, although I’ve always been an awful morning person so it’s not really anything to do with being a stinky student. So when I have an earlyish lecture, it is a right chore, especially because I have to get up extra early because I have to take the train […]

The Page takes Google back an age

So, Google Pages eh? It’s nothing earth-shattering, although I think the WYSIWYG editor works quite well; it’s very easy to tell what’s going on, which should make it an absolute doddle for anybody who has never done this sort of thing to get stuff published on the internet. But you have to wonder why? Making […]

Why do I hate the NME again?

This is another one that slots into “obvious”, but I’ve just read the list of winners at the NME Awards, and what a load of steaming shite it is. No awards even for Maxïmo Park, who are one of the few vaguely interesting bands in that scene. Shocker. Instead, all the awards went to the […]

Brief note about RSS icons

Hmm, well I’ve come up with a way to display RSS feeds in the header section (to the right of where it says ‘Blog’ at the top there) easily. By linking to feed/. What I want to do is have the RSS feed for whatever page you’re on appear (rather than just the RSS feed […]