Ballard’s poll is conclusive!

Woopsadaisy. “Student favourite” for the upcoming Edinburgh University Rectorial election, Mark Ballard has put a poll up on his website asking who you are most likely to vote first.

It would appear to be Boris Johnson, by a significant margin.

I was one of only four voters for Magnus Linklater, so I guess I don’t have much to be smug about.

At least Pilger has only one vote!

Via The Devil’s Kitchen and Mr Eugenides.


  1. From Mark Rector’s site: “The most important power of the rector is to choose who gets to speak at the University’s highest decision making body. As Chair of the Court I will ensure that student and staff concerns are properly heard. I intend to Chair every meeting of Court where possible. Parliament doesn’t meet on Mondays, so I will be free to attend the Court, and it’s on the 29 bus route from home.”

    I’ll be listening for Bush to make the same arguments in favour of Supreme Court appointee Samuel Alito in the State of the Union speech tonight. With the time difference he’s surely had time to check the number 29 bus route to see if it works for him.

  2. Dunc, why don’t you like Pilger? We were intending on tactically voting for him because he seemed the the only realistic candidate to rival Boris Johnswank. I would’ve thought you liked Pilger, you lefty.

  3. Pilger is a corporate scumbag. He is impure as well. Do you not realise that he made documentaries for ITV? How does he sleep at night?!

    BTW, I don’t think you’ll need to vote tactically because of the voting system, which I think is STV. 😀

  4. I see Ballard’s site was down for a couple of days, and has reappeared with a new poll – since the old poll was quite embarassing, I took the liberty of taking a screen shot when it was 971 / 93 or so.

    The replacement is some poorly worded waffle about Boris.

    Looks like we have them on the run.