1. I was with it till they brought in the poet, psychiatrist and rich girl to ‘analyse’ the lyrics, like an English lit class dissecting Shakespeare. Wonder what Jarvis Cocker made of that?
    But then I wonder what Shakespeare would make of teachers finding ‘hidden meanings’ in every line of his plays.

  2. Ah, Common People. Am I showing my age when I reminisce how at that point I’d already droppoed out of University once, and listened to HisnHers repeatedly?

    My best memory of the song is buying it on the day of release then going out drinking with friends, having it in my coat when we ended up at a club and the DJ buying me a drink for lending it to him, filled the dancefloor immediately. Then it got popular, so the Glastonbury performance was ruined for me by a bunch of middle aged fat office workers screaming at/about Jarvis through it. Ah well.

    BBC3. Now, if I could receive digital telly on this side of the hill, I might actually considering tuning the TV back in and buying a licence. As I’m still stuck with 4 channels, I’ll stick t’net…