Fuck the blonde joke

If I see that fucking blonde joke one more time I will stick my head through the monitor.


  1. Actually, maybe they do, but they put Ruth Kelly in charge of it. Oops. Fill My Room! Real-world version of that million dollar homepage thing The Missing Protester Person “arrested” in Parliament Square vanishes without trace – do you know who he is? Fuck the blonde joke aka Britain’s answer to All Your Base. Fuck it. The Prejudice Map Map of national stereotypes, according to Google I’m a Minger What every well-dressed Liberal Democrat will be wearing this Spring. Vote for the best (or worst, if you prefer) Daily

  2. Say what you like about the blonde joke, but YOU LEAVE THE ONE-EYED KITTEN RIGHT THE FUCK ALONE. Alright? Alright.

    With his liddle cycloptic eye there. Awww.

  3. Tom? You know the kitten is dead and currently in its owner’s freezer, right?

    Duncan? I’m sorry. It amused me when I first saw it (via Websnark author Eric Burn’s journal), but, well, it is getting depressing. OTOH, it’s only a one line post…