Tony Blair’s Respect Agenda

Nice to see Tony Blair setting a great example of respect in PMQs today. He, as usual, avoided answering any questions, and instead took every opportunity to take the piss out of the Liberal Democrats. Very respectful! This is even though everybody knows that every party is equally susceptible to leadership problems — hell, Labour have had one since 1994!

It just serves as a further example of his utter contempt for the voters. Give respect, get respect? The man doesn’t have an ounce of respect to give to the voters. He refuses to have his government held to account, so uses PMQs instead as a platform for childish party political jibes. David Cameron seems to be having a good stab at ending “yah-boo” politics. But as long as Tony Blair is around, we sadly won’t see an end to this sort of behaviour. And they wonder why people are apathetic!

Well I shall follow Tony Blair’s example. Tony Blair is a fucking shitting cock-shaped cunt. He doesn’t deserve my respect. He doesn’t deserve my respect. Give respect Get respect.

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