Most played music meme

This is my iTunes music, sorted by play count, to see what tracks I play the most.

My iTunes music sorted by play count

Even more than, this is very biased towards what I have been listening to for the past year because I didn’t get round to ripping most of my CDs until last spring. Music that I had on iTunes before last spring (‘Smear’ by Jonny Greenwood, ‘Antiquity’ by Team Doyobi, Squarepusher’s Breezeblock session) also gets a bit of an unfair look-in, although I love them all.

As with, there are only a few albums represented at the top, because I tend to listen to whole albums rather than individual tracks. Some tracks (‘Glósóli’ by Sigur Rós, ‘Oscar See Through Red Eye’ by Boards of Canada) would have been much (possibly fifteen-or-so plays) higher, but I had two versions of them!

As usual — apart from Jaga Jazzist and Team Doyobi — there is a heavy Warp bias. Doh!

Anyway, here’s the meme blah:

1) Sort by ‘Play Count’.
2) Take screenshot of the top and upload to flickr.
3) Link back to where you first saw this meme.
4) And leave a comment so they know where to look.
5) Include these instructions.

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