A tip for MVC

I went into an MVC for the first time in months today. It used to be the only decent shop in Kirkcaldy. Now it’s been replaced by HMV — a slight improvement.

Today I went into the Perth store, and it really is a depressing scene. There is a clearance sale on, and everything is covered in distinctive yellow clearance price stickers. What few shelves were there were half empty, and the place had the atmosphere of a funeral. Blu-tacked to the window was a hand-written sign: “We can now accept MVC vouchers (sorry for the inconvenience)”.

Despite the fact that everything was in a sale, I didn’t come close to buying a single thing. Here’s a tip for MVC: if you’re going to discount everything by 10%, it would help if your prices weren’t 20% higher than everybody else’s in the first place.

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