Breaking news: search engine runs country

There must be a lot of total fruitloops who listen to the Today programme. A couple of years back they wanted to bring in a Tony Martin law, which would have made it perfectly legal to murder the paper boy so long as he was in your front garden and you said you thought there might have been a possibility that he was thinking of stealing a plant.

Now they reckon that José Manuel Barroso “runs” Britain. He can’t even run the European Commission. Read this from The Guardian.

But it’s not much of a surprise that a token bogeyman from Europe occupies the top spot of this poll of crackpots. Two of the other results are truly surprising. I’ve not been listening to the Today programme while this poll has been taking places — 6am doesn’t exist at this time of year unless it’s late at night. But I don’t understand why Shami Chakrabarti is in 10th spot. Does anybody really think that Shami Chakrabarti runs Britain? Really?

And Google in 8th place? What did Google ever tell you to do? Has a search engine ever threatened to chuck anybody in the cells, or cart them away from Parliament Square?


  1. Just guessing here, but I suspect one or more of the anti-EU groups organised a write-in campaign.

    And the idea that Google runs the country, when even I’m capable of breaking google if I put my mind to it, is completely befuddling. I suspect a mixture of technophobia and not understanding pagerank, combined with distaste for the automatic. Still, the whole thing was fun, most things are when Bloggerheads is invloved after all.

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