January 2006

Am I missing something?

I’m not sure if I understand this… Students are contractually required to attend lectures and tutorials at Oxford University. The thinking is that students who failed their exams will not be able to sue the university if they fail their exams. But if students are contractually obliged to attend lessons, would that not make it […]


There is a funky new website for The Mighty Boosh. Check out the bit that says ‘Visit Noel and Julian’.

Ballard’s poll is conclusive!

Woopsadaisy. “Student favourite” for the upcoming Edinburgh University Rectorial election, Mark Ballard has put a poll up on his website asking who you are most likely to vote first. It would appear to be Boris Johnson, by a significant margin. I was one of only four voters for Magnus Linklater, so I guess I don’t […]

Straight thinking

Straight thinking from Nick Assinder. I don’t think he gets it. Surely this just proves the point that the term “a straight choice” isn’t a reference to anybody’s sexual preferences?


Chewbacca’s blog! (Via) This reminds me a lot of that blog that was supposed to be by somebody who was really ill and there was some big euthanasia hoo-ha about it. The blog consisted just of several posts saying “Nnghghghgh”…

Brown is Blair

The End of Gordon Brown. My mother always goes on about this — she can’t believe that every time Brown has a perfect chance to undermine Blair (like with this current education hoo-ha) he never takes the opportunity. She forgets that Brown is just Blair in a slightly larger body.

Let me get this straight…

I wasn’t going to write about Simon Hughes. Although I’ve felt like saying a lot, I was just going to keep a lid on it. But I can’t keep the lid on any more. As with Mark Oaten, I’ve not been a particular fan of Simon Hughes’ in the past. But I respect him a […]