December 2005

Leap seconds

This year there will be a leap second. Here’s an interesting article. They’re growing more controversial you know. (Via)

Eccentric sandals

LibDems 4 Boris: “I’m appealing to all LibDem voters, councillors and MPs because I’m eccentric and I wear sandals.” (Via)

Headless chickens

I was listening to The World at One today and I found myself being extremely confused. The first story was about the Conservatives trying to look left-wing by saying that they’re in favour of redistribution of wealth. It turns out that they’re not really in favour of redistribution of wealth. The second story was about […]

Fame can do wonders for a back catalogue

Fame can do wonders for a back catalogue. According to Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise, Sigur Rós’ first two albums gone platinum in Iceland. Despite the fact that ‘Von’ is now a platinum album, it sold only 313 copies in its first year!

Super Aguri given go-ahead!

Super Aguri given green light, subject to the approval of the FIA. This would mean 22 cars on the grid next year — even if two of them will undoubtedly be ridiculously slow. Takuma Sato would get a drive as well.