Normal service will resume

Sorry, I haven’t been posting much in the past few days.

I got the Big Train DVD for Christmas, and I’ve been watching it just about non-stop ever since. It’s brilliant, and I’m surprised at how much I remember of it given that it was broadcast in 1998 (which will have made me 12 at the time!) and was never repeated. Back in those days, sketch shows were actually good, and didn’t have the same jokes in them every week (well, there was World Championship Stare-Out, but the jokes were different every time).

Anyway, the point of this post is that over the next few days I’m going to write a few end-of-year posts (I bet you can’t wait!), and then I’ll upgrade to WordPress 2.0, at which point everything will break.


  1. 12! That makes me feel well old… I seem to remember a very funny sketch with a police-man unwilling to help people and doing a runner.

  2. Yeah! My friend remembered that one as well! Funnily, that was one of the ones that I didn’t remember at first…

    I was also surprised that arch-unfunny woman Catherine Tate was in series 2… And somebody from EastEnders! I didn’t remember them at all.

  3. 12 => me = old was my exact thought too! (I’d have been 16 then). I remember laughing my head off at Chris Morris narrating a nature doc style thing wherein a load of jockeys are hunted across the desert by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince…what else does a show need?

  4. I couldn’t believe it when I worked out I must have been 12… If I was confronted with a 12-year-old today, I would never think that he’d be interested in something like Big Train. Just goes to show… stuff.

    Big Train had a thing about jockeys, didn’t it? I love the way the jockeys act in that sketch where they get chased by Prince. It is so frighteningly like a nature doc.