Guide to waste

Recycling and Waste Guide This “Recycling and Waste Guide” from Fife Council dropped through our letter box recently. But it seems rather wasteful to me.

It contains a few pages — some of which are blank (well done on cutting the waste!) — of quite useful information. But why did they need to deliver it as a ringbinder? Wouldn’t a booklet have done?

One of the sections is called “How to use your kerbside recycling scheme (if supplied)”, which presumably means that this hefty folder is being sent to people who aren’t even getting a recycling service from the council.


  1. Ah, I had great fun with that, too, but the reason that it’s a ringbinder is obvious: it’s so that when they produce the page about how to recycle that piece of rubbish you can just slot it in with the rest!

  2. Does this mean, I wonder, that the council are going to put glass recycling points outside Kirkcaldy’s ‘Nite Spots’ so that the pissed-up idiots who usually drop their Bacardi Breezer bottles on the way out have somewhere to leave it? I think not!!

    Fife’s recycling facilities are quite good, I’ve found – for glass and paper at least – but I’m not sure that this folder is going to effect any massive sea change. Still keeps us on the right side of European law…

  3. I’ve had two leaflets this year about changes to Falkirk’s recycling scheme, neither of which has actually affected the area where I live.