December 2005

Internet Exploder

I hadn’t realised quite how bad Internet Explorer was. …MSIE was 98% unsafe. There were only 7 days in 2004 without an unpatched publicly disclosed security hole. Firefox was 15% unsafe. There were 56 days with an unpatched publicly disclosed security hole. 30 of those days were a Mac hole that only affected Mac users. […]

Upgrade done

Well, that seemed to go okay. A little hairy moment, but I don’t think I need to worry about it. I’ll still probably be fiddling with stuff later today, but as always, if there are any problems please let me know. Update: I’ve made some changes to the menu on the left. The ‘Best of’ […]

Evilest programme ever

The evilest programme ever is on television tonight. I was just looking at the television listings and saw that Phil Collins is on Room 101. I hope he slips over and falls in. And takes Paul Merton with him.

Don’t be surprised if it breaks

This evening I’m gonna do a lot of fiddling with the blog and upgrading to WordPress 2.0. So over the next day or so things might well look weird, and a few minor things will be changing. Just warning you.

German tracks may merge

Hockenheim is in a spot of financial bother, putting the German Grand Prix under threat. Now the Nürburgring is offering to share the German Grand Prix. I think this is quite right — they should be doing this anyway. With more and more races fighting for a space in the tight F1 calendar, there is […]

2005: Music

Usually I do a chart at the end of the year. But this year there are far too many things that are putting me off from doing that. I was asked to do a top 10 for Boomkat this year. My attitude to this chart was the same as that of the people who built […]

Tory boy Bob Geldof

I reckon this reflects badly on both Mr Geldof and Mr Cameron. Since Cameron was elected, the Conservatives have just reeled of a bunch of tokenistic gestures presumably designed to make them seem more left-wing. Update: MatGB PaulJ does this better.

2005: Television

It’s not really been a golden year for television. A few good programmes, but nothing actually spectacular. I don’t write about television on this blog as much as I might. I guess that’s because I’m not really a big television fanatic in general. But as with most people, a number of programmes do come to […]

Normal service will resume

Sorry, I haven’t been posting much in the past few days. I got the Big Train DVD for Christmas, and I’ve been watching it just about non-stop ever since. It’s brilliant, and I’m surprised at how much I remember of it given that it was broadcast in 1998 (which will have made me 12 at […]