November 2005


Web 2.0 validator. I can’t remember where I saw this first, but I saw it second here. This blog scores 3 out of 16. How can I live with myself?

Remind me why I fell out with indie?

Aaargh. Yesterday’s Film & Music section in The Guardian contains a letter that really just typifies everything that made me go into a violent, year-long anti-guitar rage a few years back. The letter is from somebody called DP Woodhead, which is already a bad sign. Does he think he’s a novelist or something? This is […]

Race for the Best coverage

Blood & Treasure has a good post on George Best. I’m glad it’s all over now because I was getting sick of the media constantly reporting his imminent death before it had even happened. Sky News must have been one step away from putting a COUNTDOWN UNTIL LIVER EXPLOSION clock on the corner of the […]

Big blogroll update

I’ve just done a big blogroll update. A couple of dormant blogs have gone (Stuart Dickson, where are you?!), and many newly-discovered ones have been added. There is a lot of great stuff going on across many blogs, Flora-style.

Cheney X: Vote Republican

This whole Cheney X thing is a whole load of crap. The first thing that a big X reminds me of is the cross I make when voting. So CNN were actually telling people to vote Republican! A few years ago I was watching Channel 4 and the words ‘FOOTBALL ITALIA’ scrolled across the screen […]