Please get my name right from now on

People often get my name wrong. I have been called any number of things: Duncan Stephens, Duncan Stephenson, Duncan Steven, Duncan Stevenssson, etc… And substitute teachers and even my normal teachers would sometimes routinely call me Stephen Duncan. My old doctor liked to do that as well (he also prescribed penicillin, even though it was written in my file in big bold red letters: ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN).

Anyway, folk getting my name wrong. I’m sure everybody gets called the wrong thing from time to time, and I’m not too fussed about it, although I feel as though it happens a bit too often to me. It just became a bit more vital that people get my name correct. I would like to point out right now that I am 19 and from Kirkcaldy.

A sports centre manager on Shetland has been jailed for five years after admitting sexually abusing four young boys over a period of 17 years.

Stephen Duncan, 45, of Gott, gave his victims, aged between seven and 13, gifts including computer games.

I’ll have to watch out for the lynch mob then…

Thanks, I think, to Cat, who indeed thought of me when she heard the story.

(It’s not just my name either. A lot of people call this blog ‘Doctor Vee’. Well they’re all wrong. Don’t they realise that it’s actually Docto Rvee? Ha!)


  1. You people with a first name for a surname!

    I’m just teasing. The penicillin thing I can empathise with; happened to me in the States a few years ago. I must have told the doctor a hundred times, but he still prescribed me antibiotics containing penicillin (and charged me $800 for the privilege. At least your bad advice was free…)

  2. I was actually top in Google for “Stephen Duncan” for a short time at one point. That (briefly) taught them not to have their name the wrong way round!