Time to go

Not me, but everybody else, so it seems. A blog going on a “hiatus” is not very unusual, but I just read three posts in as many minutes about quitting blogging.

I can relate to a lot of what’s in that third link:

Reading blogs, too, takes time I should be spending more productively. Plus, reading blogs has shortened my attention span. If I’m not caught in the first few sentences, I click on to something else. Blogs are Sesame Street for adults…

…Looking at my archives always puts me off my keyboard. What seemed clever in January is just plain silly in June.

As for me, it’s not time to go yet. I hadn’t blogged since Saturday though (not even any asides!), and it looked as though I wasn’t going to for the rest of today aswell. Not now of course. Still, I might be blogging a lot less for the next couple of weeks because of exams — but then again, blogging is fantastic for procrastination purposes.

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