Move to the left may alarm left

BBC News reports on a possible change in approach towards taxes from the Lib Dems:

The party, which sought higher taxes at the last three elections, still wants wealthy people to pay more but would match this with cuts for poorer people…

The new approach may alarm MPs and activists on the left of the party…

But hang on a second. Isn’t proposing higher taxes for the rich and lower taxes for the poor actually a move to the left? Or have the meaningless labels of ‘left’ and ‘right’ just become even more useless?


  1. Speaking as a former activist and current supporter who’s a little disillusioned with the drift to the economic right, um, I’m very happy with the proposal. We don’t want more taxes, or higher taxes, we want a better spread of taxes so the wealthy pay more.

    Methinks the BBC is getting itself confused again.

  2. LibDems move leftward?

    I find this observation from Doctorvee on the LibDems new tax policy…He’s right of course, a proposal to cut taxes for the poor and increase them for the rich is something that appeals to the left