Relying on Howard

For the first time in ages I have got worked up over a piece of legislation. I was just listening to PMQs, and Blair has got me absolutely fuming. It was pointed out on the radio that it’s ridiculous that we should be relying so much on Michael Howard, who was once seen as the most authoritarian Home Secretary in history (that was before Labour came along, of course), to protect our civil liberties.

Did Tony Blair answer how this legislation would have stopped the 7/7 attack when none of the bombers were arrested for one day, never mind 90? Did he even answer the question asked by Michael Howard in PMQs, that there is not a single case where the police have needed to bang people up for 90 days without charge?

As we have become accustomed to, he didn’t answer the question. All he could say is that the police say they really, really need it. Honest. They really do.

Well, policemen are not policy makers. Tony Blair criticised a Conservative backbencher for complaining that it signalled the beginning of a police state. Well, on a scale from not-very-policey-state to police state, I’d say that when policemen are having laws made for them on a whim, that’s heading swiftly towards the latter.

As Curious Hamster says:

The fact that the police have requested a power should never be reason enough to grant it to them. In a situation where this occurs, the politicians are failing the country and damaging democracy.

(Read the comments to his post aswell.)

Previous legislation has seen Walter Wolfgang arrested under anti-terror legislation for daring to speak out against Labour lies, and somebody else arrested for walking on a cycle path. And taking photographs of the M3. Now instead of confiscating our cameras they can lock us up for three months for no good reason! Yey!

Tony Blair also said that it’s sad that anybody should think that such legislation would alienate minority groups. I don’t think it’s so far-fetched to think that minority groups might have been alienated by previous legislation which has already seen a Brazilian being shot dead eight times over for having “Mongolian eyes.”

I am now one hundred percent convinced that there are more sensible Tories than there are sensible Labour members. That’s the last time I take lessons on democracy and freedom from Labour. Any Labour supporters who claim to be civil libertarians ought to be hanging their heads at a 180-degree angle in shame. Labour have got away with murder (literally). They get away with all sorts of crazy stuff that the Conservatives would get hung, drawn and quartered for.

And why do they get away with it? It’s not because of the New Labour front bench zealots. It’s because the so-called left-wing Labour sheep let them get away with it. They say that if you don’t support Labour then that puts you on the side of the Tories. Well today I’m saying this: I don’t care if it puts me on the same side as the Tories. I would far sooner support them than the authoritarian twunts in government and the Labour members that give them the benefit of the doubt time and time again, when any doubt that remained disappeared long ago.

Update: 97% of Sun readers do not support Blair’s 90-day detention plan.
Update: Supping with the devils.
Update: Irony upon irony.


  1. Bloggerheads: 97% of Sun readers do not support Blair’s 90 Day detention plan. Chicken Yoghurt – pretty much everything he’s written in the past couple of days. And via the above, Jim Bliss. Doctor Vee: Relying on Howard. Recess Monkey. You get the idea. Just remember, Be a Good Muslim Now. (via Guido Fawkes)

  2. PMQ’s left a bitter taste in my mouth as it appeared that the prime minister gave us a take it or leave it kind of ultimatum, Yes something had to be done after 7/7 however locking up people without trial is not the answer.
    And much to my annoyance no-one seems to mention that the same security services that will be allowed to detain people with impunity, are the same ones that shot an killed an innocent man.
    I don’t trust the state to do the right thing, they also attempted to cover up the fact they shot an innocent, unarmed member of the public.This legislation could be used to detain anyone, think of the problems 3 months out of your life would wreak on your familylife.

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