November 2005

New Prefuse 73 already

Already! Information on the new Prefuse 73 album, Security Screenings. What a busy man Scott Herren is. I’m particularly looking forward to the collaboration with Four Tet! (Via)

Big spenders and electoral reform

Top UK election spenders revealed: “…Labour spent £1.90 for every vote it won, compared with £2.03 for the Tories. The Lib Dems got the best value at 72p per vote, although they spent more per seat won than Labour.”


I used to say that that I had no regrets. But as I grow older, some events of my past really stick out as big mistakes. And carrying on playing musical instruments until about ten years after I had stopped enjoying it is definitely one of them. I was taught the piano for about twelve […]

Firefox 1.5 is out

Firefox 1.5 is out — don’t miss it! It’s good, although I’ve been using one of the release candidates for a couple of months now so most of what’s there isn’t a surprise. Isn’t the ability to drag and drop tabs fantastic though? I wish the Windows taskbar would do that.

Please get my name right from now on

People often get my name wrong. I have been called any number of things: Duncan Stephens, Duncan Stephenson, Duncan Steven, Duncan Stevenssson, etc… And substitute teachers and even my normal teachers would sometimes routinely call me Stephen Duncan. My old doctor liked to do that as well (he also prescribed penicillin, even though it was […]

Confidence / identity crisis

An interesting post with lots of good points by Nosemonkey on The Sharpener: UK blogging: cliques and changes. I get the feeling that the British blogosphere is now having a bit of an extended confidence / identity crisis.

Why the voting system sucks

The Herald today, via The Sharpener, has an article called Why Scots are cynical about politicians. A better headline would be, “Why the voting system sucks”. The research sums up what I could have told you: …the Scottish electoral landscape… is complex and confusing. With the reduction of MPs from 72 to 59 – reflecting […]

Time to go

Not me, but everybody else, so it seems. A blog going on a “hiatus” is not very unusual, but I just read three posts in as many minutes about quitting blogging. Qwghlm — I hope he comes back! Oddverse What Do I Know? (on somebody else’s possible departure) I can relate to a lot of […]