October 2005

Button your lip

F1 driver told to Button lip after sexist tirade — “It’s like Formula 1 is stuck in some sexist 1970s Playboy vibe… If he spent less time staring at grid girls’ breasts he might win more races.”

West Lothian rears its head again

John Reid was apparently the one who didn’t want a blanket ban on smoking in public places in England. The legislation, though, won’t affect his constituents anyway. Three cheers for democracy!

Pit wall celebrations banned

This is something that actually has been banned: pit wall celebrations at the end of Formula 1 grands prix. It is a classic image, seen at the end of almost every grand prix — the pit crew that has worked hard all weekend to get their car to the chequered flag run across the pit […]

All geeks are ugly: FACT

Five minutes of non-fame: Chris Applegate on a new Channel 4 programme, Eugenius. Presumably with Eugene from Big Brother. As Chris says, they must be desperate for contestants. I got an email about it today aswell, in a EUSA mailout: “We need to hear from you ASAP.”

Bibles aren’t banned; propaganda is

Gideon — He follows me everywhere, that bloke! I was staying in a hotel once, he left his bible behind there, as well. And two years later, another hotel, dozy git left it behind again! –Dave Lister This week’s edition of the Student newspaper, home of the nation’s best writing and journalism, of course, is […]

Light posting alert

I probably won’t be posting as much as usual over the next couple of weeks. That is because I’ve suddenly discovered that I prefer writing 5,500 words of essay to blogging.

Rule change roundup

Roundup of the new F1 rules. That knockout qualifying system has been approved. Tyre changes will return — thank goodness for that; pitstops looked a tad ridiculous this year. There are also noises about slick tyres and a single tyre manufacturer. Meanwhile, there is a major downside to the new split rear wing.