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They are the Asbos of 2005. The latest brilliant use of the Anti-Terror Laws is to arrest somebody for walking on a cycle path. I heard it on the radio this afternoon, but it doesn’t seem to have much other coverage.

It’s lucky that Curious Hamster’s around then. It’s here in Times Online.

[The pedestrian] said that she was particularly galled by the letter from the procurator fiscal’s office, which said that she would not be prosecuted even though “the evidence is sufficient to justify bringing you before the court on this criminal charge”.

Evidence of what? Going on a walk? It’s crazy. I hate it when pedestrians walk on a cycle path, but they shouldn’t even be arrested (why do I even have to say that?) and they certainly aren’t terrorist threats.

Update: Chris Applegate has a good post on this.

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  1. […] It’s not just fear of a terrorist attack or worrying over the situation in the Middle East. It’s the fact that our civil liberties are being eroded to the point where you can be stopped under anti-terror laws for taking photographs or walking on cycle paths. What’s the point in preaching to the rest of the world about freedom? […]