Reliability halts McLaren again!

This time, though, it wasn’t the car, but a manhole cover. It got blown off by a car and then Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into it. There’s always something new in Formula 1, isn’t there?

Anyway, the race was dead boring, apart from that bit where somebody locked up. Was it Barrichello? I can’t even remember. It was that exciting. Mind you, I was so tired from having to get up so early, so I wasn’t able to pay full attention.

The last race of the season is always the end of an era in some form or another. But many things will change between now and March. Today was the last time a V10 engine will be run (without some sort of rev restrictions) for a while. But we’re also saying goodbye to BAR, Sauber, Jordan and Minardi.

Formula 1 has definitely changed a lot since I started watching it about a decade ago now. The manufacturers now rule, so much so that there are worries that Ferrari can’t cope with the big spenders! The sale of Sauber, Jordan and Minardi is a sign of the times. Spiralling costs means that Formula 1 simply can’t be an arena for racers any more. Instead we now have anonymous teams run from smoke-filled rooms. I am sure that most of these manufacturers will have lost interest within a decade or so, if not sooner. Privateers are now drinks companies, and small teams are ‘B’ teams used as a testing ground for inexperienced drivers.

There is a significant privateer team left though (assuming we don’t count McLaren), and it’s Williams. Funnily enough Williams are moving away from big manufacturer backing to the more cosy Cosworth outfit, although I’m sure they would have preferred to have the big money behind them.

I am particularly sad to see Jordan go. That was a real fun team that brought a splash of colour in the nineties. This year it’s had all its life sucked out of it by anonymous Alex Schnaider and cross Colin Kolles. That team didn’t deserve to be called Jordan. Next year the name will be gone. Can you imagine many people supporting Midland though?

Later today I’ll post my roundup of the season.

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