Domination plan foiled by esoteric spelling

1/3 of 14–21-year-olds have a blog. Sort of. The article says it’s a third of 16–21-year-olds with an internet connection have a blog. And then there’s the age-old argument: what’s a blog, what isn’t, etc… Whatever, a third sounds fairly high, and is therefore newsworthy.

Anyway, as one of these 14–21-year-olds, BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme interviewed me, which is pretty cool. As usual, ‘blog’ was defined as an ‘online diary’, which I’ve never really liked. I’m sure that definition turns people off blogs right from the off, because it makes it sound like a blog documents every new spot on your face or something. I wouldn’t know how to define a blog otherwise, mind you.

Anyway, the interview seemed to go quite well. There’s not much chance to really go in-depth about your thoughts though: it’s just question–answer–question–answer, but I suppose that keeps it all concise. I think you can listen to it here by clicking on Newsdrive. The interview should be about 50 or 55 minutes in. It’ll probably be there until Monday afternoon.

I should have thought about this superstardom business when I first chose ‘doctorvee’ as a pseudonym all those years ago. They told listeners that if you want to visit this blog then you should “search for Dr. V” and you’ll find it. Oops.

In the off chance that anybody is dropping by here for the first time after hearing me on Radio Scotland, welcome! Hope you’re not too disappointed with all this blogging lark! Don’t be too surprised if the whole thing looks completely different / implodes tomorrow though.


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