October 2005

National spare room databases

Chris Applegate has a good post about Labour’s obsession with silly laws. So has Justin McKeating: It’s politics by laughometer. If a policy floated in the media fails to get a laugh, it’s in. A policy that gets a raucous roar like the proposed drinking ban did yesterday goes on the fire along with frog-marching […]

Banning enough stuff enough

When I see somebody slugging from a can on the train my first reaction is to slowly back away and head to the next carriage. The problem is that if you do this on a GNER train you will end up in the smoking coach addicts’ carriage where not only is visibility reduced to 5cm […]

Nathan Barley DVD

I’ve already written several posts about Nathan Barley (use the search if you want to see what I thought), so I won’t go on too much about the actual programme. But the DVD came out a couple of weeks ago and I have a few more thoughts. Opinion on Nathan Barley still seems sharply divided. […]

The big question

Smoking out the big (West Lothian) question. Apparently, “The only way to solve it once and for all would be to have no more Scottish MPs at Westminster and a fully independent Scottish state.” Er, no it’s not. How about devolved assemblies for England? (Via.)

Companies and bloggers

Companies are upset with bloggers. “You can see his point, can’t you? What’s the point of being disgustingly rich if you can’t control the media, eh?” Update: More at Boing Boing.