September 2005


Or M. Or 1111101000. Or just plain old 1,000. Thought I’d mention that this is the 1,000th post since I moved over to WordPress in December. In reality it doesn’t mean much because of the evolving nature of the blog (I mean, asides are counted within that 1,000, but I used to use instead […]

F1’s youngest ever champion!

2005 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix Well it was just as well it was such a momentous day in the record books, because the race itself was just about as boring as it gets. I got the feeling that everybody was quite happy to let the pieces fall together as they did and not push […]

ITV want more respect?

According to Guardian Unlimited, ITV are trying to get Steve Rider to present its Formula 1 coverage. I actually suggested last week to my brother that ITV were trying to shift Jim Rosenthal away from F1, because Rosenthal has been presenting both boxing and football recently, and Angus Scott took his place in Belgium. Could […]