Jennie Lee College?

Students don’t seem to be too happy about the new name for the merged Fife and Glenrothes colleges, Adam Smith College (irony alert: you can’t study Economics there).

In what may be a unique move the Students Association will not be named after the college.
Instead the economist’s name has been binned in favour of Jennie Lee, the Lochgelly miner’s daughter who became a socialist MP at the age of 24 and was instrumental in setting up the Open University.



  1. Pass rates for computing 1999 – 2004

    Adam Smith Priory campus = 16%
    Perth college = 93%

    What are Adam Smith going to do to improve this performance and when?

  2. All I can say is…they got the name change by 3 votes….not at 2/3 majority, like i should have been, because it was a constitutional ammendment, because we were voting on the constitutionas a whle, not just the name…so technically, we wernt gouverner by the constitution at the time.

    Its a wierd worold. supposedly there have been complaints, but I cant find them.