No excuses now

Wow, I just got a “golden ticket” to use I signed up aaages ago when nobody really knew what was. Well, it’s a hosting site à la TypePad. Oh, and it’s free (so maybe more like a good version of Blogger, I guess). And it uses WordPress of course. So if you don’t already use WordPress there isn’t much excuse now! 😉

It’s pretty impressive. The admin area is lovely. I assume this is a sneak preview of WordPress 1.6. It’s all looking great. There are plenty of good features to get your teeth sunk into. Just about everything you can think of apart from plugins and the ability to edit your theme. Still, there’s a nice little range of themes to choose from. There’s WYSIWYG editing, if that’s your sort of thing, and all sorts of drag-and-drop wonderfulness. There’s even a referrers section in it. It’s all easy peasy to use aswell.

Here’s what I set up with it. Of course, it’s not much use to me since I’ve already got this blog, but there you go!

Anyway, overall is pretty good if you’re into that sort of thing, and I’ve got an invitation to give away aswell. One was sold on eBay for $50 or something. Of course, like with Gmail, now that I’ve got one the supply must have skyrocketed (when I tried to sell Gmail accounts on eBay they sold for £1)!

Anyway, if you want that invite then leave a comment on this blog (or email me or something) with a really really good reason why you should have it. Then I’ll give it to the person who I think is coolest.


  1. I have always wanted to start my own blog, but have been confused about which one to choose. After looking at several WP blogs I know this is the one for me. I’m going to post about my life of course, as I hope it will work as a kind of therapy for me, instead of keeping all kinds of feelings inside myself. That never did anything good to anyone. So please consider me a candidate for that invite.

  2. Sure thing, I’ll decide who gets the invite in a few days. You’re at an advantage since you don’t already have a blog; it’s likely to be of more use to you!

  3. I am planning for a long time to start my personal blog to tell everyone about my life in China.
    I am Chinese and lives abroad at the moment. i am going back home soon, however Blogger is blocked for browsing in China and i must find some other site to post to. WordPress will be very helpful for me. thank you very much.

  4. Okay, just to confirm, as only two people asked for one I tossed a coin, and Dennis won!

    Lee, I hope you have luck finding another invite. 🙂