Stalemate caused by FPTP

I’ve spotted a few of the usual suspects crowing about how the situation in Germany would never have occured under First Past the Post and that FPTP is the only way to do democracy and blah blah blah…

So what on earth was 1974 all about then? An election held under FPTP which resulted in a hung parliament.

What happened in America in 2000? An election held under FPTP which led to a month-long stalemate (and a lot of people still believe that the wrong man became President).

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  1. […] Nonetheless, there are some FPTP fanatics who believe that, no matter what, presumably even if the number of votes is tied, an election should always produce a clear winner. But does FPTP always produce a clear winner? Of course not. I’ve already mentioned the cases of 1974 and America in 2000. Unlike in the UK, post-war Germany hasn’t had to hold another election just months after a previous one. […]