Remote control

What is it with Nintendo and controllers? For the NES they brought out a controller shaped like a brick, but we can forgive them for that since it was the 1980s.

But then they brought out the N64 with its stupidly positioned analogue stick. It might have been an innovation that gamers now take for granted, but what a stupid place to put it on a third handle in the middle where you couldn’t reach it.

Then there was the Gamecube controller. The buttons looked weird, but that wasn’t the problem with the controller. Again it was the analogue sticks, which were in a stupid position far too close to the handle that always made my thumb fall off. Furthermore, it was housed in an octagon which meant that being slightly wrong with your positioning meant gaming disaster.

Now their Revolution controller is shaped like a television remote control (it looks more like an iPod Shuffle to me). Brilliant. Does anybody envisage this being comfortable or easy in the slightest?

Update: Brilliant. Guess what the buttons are called (via New Links)? A, a and b.

“So which button do you press?”


“Is that A, or a?”

And the (add-on) analogue stick is still in that stupid hexagon! Why??!

Update again: The buttons are actually A, B, a and b. What are they doing?!


  1. I think the controller is fantastic. It could go either way – be the saviour or the final nail in the coffin for Nintendo in the home gaming market.

    If you look at the controller closely, you’ll see it’s actually very well designed. The “a” and “b” buttons are designed so that you turn the controller horizontally, and wallah, you have a NES controller. This is for backwards compatability – a big point in the Revolution.

    You need to give Nintendo credit for doing something different. You don’t see Sony or Microsoft doing that, do you?

    and your other points – the N64 controller was designed so you use the middle handle instead of, and not aswell as, the left hand side handle with the d-pad. The GameCube controller is the best designed out of the 3 consoles… it’s very cleverly designed. It’s much better than the XBOX controller anyway.

  2. And I’m so old that I can remember when Nintendo used to have just “a” and “b”… And the cheat code for Sonic was up-down-left-right-a-b-start…