The anti-Scottish SNP

Not only anti-English, but anti-Scottish aswell.

Christine Grahame, a South of Scotland MSP, submitted a motion entitled “It’s Simply Not Cricket” which “lamented the overwhelming UK-wide coverage of a sport which is only of marginal interest in Scotland”.

Petty, untrue nonsense. Who did she think she would impress by doing this? No doubt the sort of person who thinks you must be English if you don’t agree with the SNP (so, sadly, it’ll win her quite a few votes).

Maybe Christine Grahame and others like her could take a few lessons in the culture of the country she supposedly loves so much. There are more cricket clubs per capita in Scotland than there are in England. There are more cricket clubs in the lowlands than there are rugby clubs in the whole of Scotland.

Update: Cricket has also been played in Scotland longer than football.


  1. Christine Grahame anti-English and indulging in “narrow nationalism”? Christine Grahame was born in England and is half English herself. The narrow nationalism was the domination of the “UK” news of this marginal event (a competition involving just two countries in which one was bound to win) in Scotland.

    As to rugby, yet another elitist English past time. GET A LIFE!

  2. I’m glad you find the birthplace of Christine Grahame so important. I, however, couldn’t give two hoots where somebody was born. Narrow nationalism is narrow nationalism.

    Cricket is not a marginal event. You might laugh off the comparison with rugby, but how do you explain the comparison with football, or indeed why Scotland has more cricket clubs per capita than England?

  3. We also have more shinty pitches per capita than England… we also have more English people living in Scotland per capita than Scots living in England. I have no idea what you’re whittering on about with regard to comparrisons with football… English football commentators can’t watch a single England international without mentioning 1966 – AND THATS MY POINT. As you say narrow nationalism is narrow nationalism – so get your OWN house in order first before you start lecturing the rest of us.

  4. Your points don’t make any sense. Instead of responding to my points you are just pulling out the same old SNP lines.

    I don’t know what your point about shinty is supposed to prove. That shinty is a Scottish game? No shit Sherlock. Unlike cricket, it is also played almost exclusively in the Highlands. Most Scots couldn’t give two hoots about shinty. It’ll be caber tossing you bring up next.

    If Scotland won the world cup we’d never hear the end of it either. As it is, we never hear the end of random goals scored against Brazil thirty years ago anyway.

    And what do you mean by “get your OWN house in order first”? I am Scottish. This is typical SNP. Anybody who disagrees with the Nationalists couldn’t possibly be Scottish, could they? They must be English, mustn’t they?

  5. For clarifications sake, I didn’t think you were English but I knew you were a Brit. I’m not a member of the SNP so missed the mark again, which is a little like your pointless and anti-Scottish statements.
    I see the Head of BBC News 24 has come out also to attack the “excessive” news coverage of this “sport” and the BBC has also been inundated with calls complaining about it… from viewers in England.
    I repeat for the final time CRICKETERS OF ENGLAND (that means you Dr Veesal) GET A LIFE!

  6. That really is very interesting. I confess to not knowing a great deal about Scottish cricket. I came here via your other post, about kids playing cricket in the meadow. What a brilliant site that must have been (I’m assuming you think it’s brilliant!)

    I’d be keen to hear more about your thoughts on cricket in Scotland, if you can be bothered to share them.

  7. The bottom line is that if Scotland were any good at any sport, you would not be wasting your life typing senseless petty arguments.I invite you all to watch England take on the “might” of Paraguay,Trinidad & tobago & Sweden in next years World Cup.Or you could think back to 30th November 1872 when Scotland played England (officially) for the first time and you scraped a 0-0 draw.And any way, politically, economically (? – i’ve had a drink) by way of trade etc, a nation is always going to led be it sport, politics,economy,trade, by the majority of its people, which in this case is English.Life is too short to be weighed down by who,what and why and we should concentrate on being.

  8. On the point of football, the problem that many scots have, like myself, is the media within Scotland, backing England all the way. We get ponsey John Motson with his more than annoying voice, being what can only be described as “gay”. It is all one big let down, for England, because they will cock up in the world cup again, giving scots reason to laugh.

  9. Well so much for sport actually uniting people.So if an english player came to your club you would dislike him no matter how good he was and vice versa a scottish player at an english club. We have every nationality known to man playing in the premiership and yet we want to fight and moan with our neighbours.