Dan Corbett is the (weather) man!

Recess Monkey has a post about the world’s greatest weather man — Daniel Corbett! Apparently when Daniel Corbett presented the weather in America he was very popular because of his accent. Recess reckons that Corbett might be an alien. I’m not sure whether or not that’s better than being a monkey.

He’s obviously not to everybody’s taste. My mother said to me once, “Don’t you think there’s something weird about him?” But I think that anybody who can make a career out of pointing at a blob of blue and saying, “Look at this chappie here,” has to be good in my book.

“That’s the weather — for now.”


  1. I think he’s top. I saw him the other day describing a load of cloud over nothern england as “a shawl over the shoulders of a mourning widow”. Fantastic!

  2. this man truly and deeply loves his weather. never in the history of meteorological presentation has there been such a figure of enthusiasm.

    Daniel Corbett should be presented with some Met Scoiety award or whatever they would hand out for living the part in the public eye. Or something.

  3. Daniel is a legend!

    The other day he told us to wrap up our dogs warm if going out due to the cold!

  4. This man is a national treasure. We haven’t had a forecaster of this calibre since Ian McGaskill. The best thing about him is his dazzlingly sleek hand manouvres.

  5. Absolute Legend in my opinion!

    I love when he one said “…and the numbers will be as low as… uh freezing!”

  6. We call him ‘picnic’ as once he said the weather might be nice enough for one.

    We love his little ideas of what you can do depending on the weather. Walk the dog, take a drive, etc


  7. The man is amazing, never before have I looked forward to watching the weather, what with his style of speach, cheeky wink and smile. Brilliant.

  8. No one has mentioned Daniel’s dance which surely must earn him the nickname of ‘Twinkletoes’. Isn’t it amazing how he brings a 3D effect into your living room by leaning in and out of the weather map? Essential daily viewing for us.

  9. Dan Corbett IS the weather – brilliant – best programme on the Box at the moment. Unmissable!

  10. I must agree with Sam – his hand movements are just so expressive.
    The best thing on television since the Blake’s Seven Documentary.

  11. Yes, Danny Corbett most certainly is A LEGEND !! His enthusiasm and passion for the weather is infectious, as is his most BEAUTIFUL SMILE…!! His weather programmes are MOST DEFINITELY the best thing on the T.V. at present…..that man is unmissable, so are his amazing gestures and expressions.!

  12. Yes, yes, yes – Dan is the man!! Have you noticed his hand back to the news presenters? A little bow and a marvellous “handing over” gesture. Brilliant – we love him!

  13. When is it bad weather why do people get insane???
    I have noticed , that anytime it rains, or there is a freeze, the public panics, rushes out to the stores and buy up all the
    bottled water, batteries, flash lights, firelogs, and canned food. Why is this. You would think people that have been through
    this kinda weather before would understand that it will not last more than a day or two at the most.
    Another thing I have noticed is when it rains that all the dumb people again get on the roads and cause wrecks and everything
    What is wrong with the people? I would really like to know.

  14. Mother wants to know if he’s related to comedian extrodanaire Ronnie Corbett, answers on a postcard please!

  15. bring dan back on the BBC – he REALY is the best weather presenter I’ve ever seen or heard

  16. I thought I was alone in my admiration and enjoyment of Dan Corbett and due to withdrawl symptoms ( He hasn’t been on BBC 1 for some time) went for info on the net. Not only did I feel a huge surge of relief and validiction for my appreciation of his unique style but have sat and weapt with laughter at some of the other comments I’ve read about him. My wife thinks I’m quite mad and that I have an almost unnatural obsession with Mr Corbett. At least I’m not alone!!!

  17. I remember seeing Dan in 1997 on news24 at about 3am…half asleep, thinking this guys bonkers…lol..and nothings changed in the near 10 years….and yes my missus thinks i’ve got an unnatural obsession about Dan…well shame she hasnt got a sense of humour!

  18. me, my husband and my nan all love the great Daniel, quite honestly he is not on television enough and the disappointment when the 6 ‘O Clock news is finished and it is an inferior weather presenter is palpable – if i had my way he would work 52 weeks a year – why hasn’t he got a fan club?

  19. What no one in the UK seems to realize is that Dan grew up in the US, in Smithown, New York. He moved to the US when he was about 9 and stayed until 1997, when he joined News 24.

    We always referred to him as “The English Kid.” He has been known to do strange things from time to time. Ahhhh, the stories and pictures I have. Maybe – one day, The Sun.

  20. Have you noticed while Dan (clearly a legend!) may seem subdued during his forecast. BUT always compensates with the double finger “that’s the weather” We love Dan the weatherman and are trying to rally troops in his suppport . Bring on more Dan. Trying not to gush too much about him!!!! Lol Hilly and JC

  21. Dan Corbett is a superlative professional of course ; but what for me makes him today’s outstanding practitioner is his hypnotic delivery.

  22. Can totally elieve my old high school alum is so favored! Dan was a fantastic person twenty two years ago and from what I am reading has only improved with time. We’ve got eight years til the next reunion – and we would love to see you!

  23. I first encoutered the great man when I was up during the night feeding my newborn daughter in 2004. He’s brilliant! I got hooked when he was describing a weather front and said “whoosh!!” while waving his arms about. Love him! Almost made the night feeds enjoyable!


  25. It’s those twinkly blue eyes, the spiky hair and the mesmeric hand movements that have got me “hooked” on Mr Corbett as well as the beautifully spoken English.
    My husband and I really miss him when he’s not on.
    Thank you Daniel for brightening our day!

  26. Mr Corbett comes over (deliberately or otherwise) as a bit nuts – but engagingly nuts. And, like the best weather presenters clearly has a deep-rooted love of the subject.
    Laura Tobin good too!

  27. I left the UK and moved to Austria three years ago – fed up with the lousy weather! The highlight of my day is watching Dan Corbett in full flow on the BBC. As so many others say, he is UNMISSABLE and, regardless of the American connection, epitomises so much that is English. Give the man a medal and for goodness sake BBC, don’t ever let him go.

  28. I am pleased to see there are others out there that appreciate the weirdness that is genius! Do any of you ‘step to the outside’ ever? What did you find there?!

  29. Dan has cheered me up for over ten years now. Glad I’ve found like minded people. Now I’m off to the park for a picnic with Granny or something like that. Of course i will pack a brolly in case the blue splodge of paint really does appear!

  30. Dan’s just reported the snow storm on the 6 o’clock news. We will be fine now.

    He is the Fred Astaire of meteorology. Dapper, full of poise and charm.

    Great to see he has so many fans!

    He’s on that list of national treasures: Sir Patrick Moore, John Peel, Joanna Lumley, Fred Dibnah…

  31. I totally agree with the above comment, it is SO aggravating when he turns and points straight at me out of the screen……