Remembranza review (alliteration, see?)

A regular in the comments around these parts, Adam Park, is a big-wig at the music website Speakers Push the Air. Apparently my writing is good or something, so he’s asked me to write reviews and that sort of thing for the website. Brave guy.

My first review is up there. Alright! And here it is: Murcof — Remembranza. Keep an eye on Speakers Push the Air and I’ll probably pop up again.

Writing a review is almost as difficult as I thought it would be; like a homework assignment or something. Inevitably I wasn’t listening to this album in the same was as I normally would. Instead, I spent the whole time trying to think of something clever to say about it, and the only clever thing I had to say about it was, “[it] is a sort of mixture between Pole and Labradford.” Ho-hum.

I always hated English lessons, when my English teacher would always make out that things like alliteration were such a big thing, like the author meant it or something. I can see it when it’s a headline in The Sun like “Barmy Brussels Bureaucrats Ban Boobs” or whatever they write about. But the alliteration that my English teachers pointed out was never like that, so I didn’t believe a word of it. If a word begins the a letter, there is an average 1 in 26 chance that the next word will begin with the same letter. Frankly, I am stunned that there isn’t more alliteration about. But now maybe I’m thinking that maybe they’re right because I originally wrote about “my main beef” about the album, but then I couldn’t resist changing it to “my chief beef” when I realised that ‘chief’ and ‘beef’ rhymed…

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