Shots halt evacuation

I have heard the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina being compared to last year’s Boxing Day tsunami more than once.

Here is another similarity. Following the tsunami I heard on the radio that one tribe on a remote island fired arrows at helicopters trying to leave food parcels; the islanders were suspicious of outsiders (I suppose if you saw a helicopter for the first time you’d be bricking it aswell).

Shots halt hurricane evacuation.

Shots fired at helicopters, New Orleans superdome evacuation halted.

Apparently, a National Guardsman was shot at, although is not reported to be seriously injured.

People, it seems are very angry, and frustrated, at what they see to be the federal government letting them down, according to various media reports.

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  1. I feel for the people in Louisiana their plight is a tragic, but the media, particually the U.S media, comparing this disaster with the death toll of the tsunami makes me wonder at how readily editors & producers will snatch a dramatic headline.A few years back a earthquake in Iran leveled the ancient city of Bam, the death toll was between 10 to 15 thousand & it barely made the news.

    I’m curious as to whether the Democrats will use the cost of the on going war in Iraq & the spending required for immediate aid & the latter reconstuction of cities like New Orleans, as a political tool against the Republicans in the coming months.With Bush in his last four year term, which Republican will be stepping up for the presidential nomination? Will the Democrats be likely to support the predictable ambitions of Hilary Clinton as their nominee?Who will be the Presidential runners in the next election.