September 2005

Jennie Lee College?

Students don’t seem to be too happy about the new name for the merged Fife and Glenrothes colleges, Adam Smith College (irony alert: you can’t study Economics there). In what may be a unique move the Students Association will not be named after the college. Instead the economist’s name has been binned in favour of […]

Foul-mouthed but good

Has anybody else noticed how foul-mouthed the British blogosphere is becoming? It weren’t like that in my day. Maybe everybody’s trying to make up for the departure of John B. Anyway, here’s a post from that prime pottymouth, Nosemonkey, who writes about party membership, and particularly Labour Party membership. I don’t understand party membership either. […]

HMV opening

Since MVC closed many months ago, there hasn’t been a single decent music store in Kirkcaldy. But now I’ve just found out that there’s an HMV opening here. That calls for a w00t!

Survival of the fittest: a Cornish

This kind of sums up my feelings about minority languages. Language is one area where I’m uneasy about government spending. I mean, wouldn’t it be easier and less expensive if everybody was speaking the same language? The world might be a bit less interesting, but it would be a whole lot easier. I mean, if […]


Mmmmmmm. I obviously can’t get trains to Edinburgh, because there’s no other way to get there. My brother can’t get trains to Dundee either because they all come from Edinburgh!

Lessons in democracy from Labour

Hmm, well one person has decided to get all party political with the proportional representation debate. Forgetting the arguments about PR versus FPTP, which are well rehearsed on both sides, what interests me is the Lib Dem obsession with PR. It tells you everything you need to know about them. They don’t believe they have […]