August 2005

New BOC album reviewed!

Already! there is a review of Boards of Canada’s new album, The Campfire Headphase. Assuming this is legitimate (I find it hard to believe that promos for this even exist given the secrecy that usually surrounds BOC), it all sounds very exciting. I can’t wait for this to be released! As for the cover (which […]

Numbers stations again

I think it’s been a while since I blogged about numbers stations. To be honest it’s probably best not to. But, via Murky, I’ve found another page of recordings of numbers stations. My eyes still water at the spookiness of it all. Considering how important they presumably are, I find it amusing that so many […]

Webcam DX

NSFW A father walks in on his daughter flashing her breasts on her webcam. The funny bit, though, is the way the father pretends he never noticed by looking out the window! (Via.)

Gooooooooooooo away

I had another couple of interesting searches ending up here today about things like “James Allen ITV future”. The only thing I can find is this post on Digital Spy that says: well some internet chatter is that James Allen commentary career with ITV may end in Japan Who knows whether that’s true. I’d be […]

Eugene to win

Will explains why you should vote for Eugene this week. I have never voted in Big Brother before. And I wouldn’t usually support a contestant who hasn’t been in the house since day one. But Eugene is the only vaguely decent person left in there. People say that he is boring, and that he’s a […]