August 2005

Agreeing again

For the second week in a row I agree with George Monbiot. This time he’s talking about Intelligent Design. Darwinian evolution tells us that we are incipient compost: assemblages of complex molecules that – for no greater purpose than to secure sources of energy against competing claims – have developed the ability to speculate. After […]

Holyrood’s electoral wiggle

Report seeks electoral shake-up. I’ve never been keen on the idea of there being two different types of MSP. I also dislike any form of list system because it involves voting for a party rather than an individual, so all the politicians concentrate on trying to impress party big-wigs rather than the voters (not that […]

Upgrade (1.5.2)

This blog has now been upgraded to WordPress 1.5.2. I’m not sure if it’s much different, but there is at least one big change that I have been wanting. Comments RSS feeds now apparently show you which post a comment is for. Hooray!

Sigur Rós — Glósóli download

Well for the first time I just bought a download. I’ve never bought a download before because I like to get, you know, stuff for my money (yes, fancy boxes). Anyway, what I didn’t know when I bought (the download-only) Glósóli was that I was not paying for an MP3, but a WMA file. Windows […]

Another home

For those who are interested, I am actually using the new journal feature on There I will post some of the more banal / unimportant thoughts I have about music. I’ll still post about music on here though. I don’t know how much I’ll use it, but I’ve managed, almost without thinking about it, […]

Nathan Barley DVD confirmed

Nathan Barley is coming out on DVD! I like that cover (Nath//anBa//rley). The end of this year is going to be far too expensive. I notice that Amazon have it on offer with series one of The Mighty Boosh…