August 2005

Damn, I can’t stroke my ego

Kottke explains the problems with Technorati (via, and more from, Neil McIntosh). Technorati is certainly pretty rough around the edges, but I still think it’s the best out there for what it does, which is basically just getting bloggers all pleased with themselves when somebody links to them. I use a mixture of Technorati, TTLB […]

Still the nasty party

They’ve still not learned, according to “a leading Highlands Tory” no less. Sorry to quote such a large chunk of it, but he hits the nail pretty much on the head in my view. Robbie Rowantree… also claimed his party was complacent on race relations, riven by homophobia and stuck in a time warp… He […]

2005 Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix

The first Turkish Grand Prix was already a hit before today’s race even began. The general consensus seems to be that Herman Tilke has designed a spectacular racing circuit. I had already raced it on the PlayStation 2 weeks ago, and that Turn 8 is brilliant fun in the game. I’ve taken it flat before, […]


Just to explain, I’ve not been in the mood to blog for the past few days. I dunno when I’ll be back, but I imagine I’ll blog about the grand prix.

Sixur Rós has interviewed a person who is probably Sigur Rós’ youngest fan, because he is only six! And he first saw them when he was four (I’m 19 and I’ve still not seen them once). What a lucky boy to be growing up with such beautiful music! Highlight: if you had to use one word […]

lok at me tipe wierd

Radiohead now have something that resembles a blog (no comments (imagine that though!) but there is RSS) called Dead Air Space. At the moment it appears to be mainly Thom Yorke doing his normal “HELO.iam THom yourke lok at me tipe wierd” act… Via At Ease. Update: Bahah! Some of the posts have been taken […]