August 2005

Google Talk: why?

So Google Talk launched today. Well, I’m not sure about this. I know this is only day one, and I am sure that Google have loads more stuff up their sleeve. But part of me just keeps on thinking, is that it? Sure, there are some quaint features. But it is basic. In that sense […]

Google Messenger on its way?

The LA Times (BugMeNot required) says that Google could be launching an Instant Messenger — tomorrow. Which would be interesting. Messenger is one of the only things (the only thing?) that MSN is better than everybody else at. I found that article via Onlineblog, which touches on the fact that there will be the usual […]

Who needs shopping channels?

If you’re wanting to make a ton of cash out of gullible people, setting up a shopping channel is no longer the way to go. Scaryduck takes a look at the newest craze, remarkably scammy quiz channels. There’s a new one coming to Freeview called Quiz Call that appears to have the involvement of Channel […]


I just found this out about my former Secondary School. Balwearie High school in Kirkcaldy has submitted more than 800 appeals at Standard grade and Higher over the past two years, the biggest number in Scotland. I never understood how my Higher Computing result was raised from a C to a B, considering I never […]

Tea is not a jammy piece

I’ve been having a look at the BBC’s Voices website which has been publicised a bit recently. I’m trying to do this wordmap thing, which I am finding quite difficult. I tried it before, and I gave up. Because right now it’s asking me what word I use for ‘to sleep’, and I only ever […]