August 2005


Some of you may know that my sleeping pattern can get pretty dodgy. When there’s no incentive to get up, I simply don’t get up (until late anyway). So summer holidays can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if they last over a third of the year as this one has. I’m a nightowl […]

TV on demand

BBC plans to put channels on net. This is excellent news. I mean, how easy is it to have the same spot of the week free in your diary for six (or more) consecutive weeks? It’s extremely difficult indeed. The BBC’s audio on demand service is already indisposable. Which reminds me, I still haven’t listened […]

Dear Palestinian Bomber

This isn’t good. Sami Habbas was sifting through his stack of mail when he noticed a credit-card offer addressed to “Palestinian Bomber.” The stunned Palestinian-American opened the letter that began with the salutation, “Dear Palestinian Bomber.”… Habbas telephoned JPMorgan Chase & Co., which sent the solicitation, on the company’s toll-free number, provided his ZIP code […]