Bloody Corn Flakes

I really hate Corn Flakes because, no matter what you try, when you pour the milk it always seems to rebound off a corn flake crevice in spetacular fashion, causing the milk to go all over the place.

Frosties are even worse because the sugar coating seems to form a kind of protective shield which magnifies the effect, causing milk to go all over more of the place.



  1. What are you on about?

    You make it sound like there’s an art to getting your milk into your breakfast bowl without spilling the milk. There isn’t – it’s simple. Not pouring from two metres above the bowl helps, or aiming for the side of the bowl, or pouring slowly.

    What’s next – the perils of actually eating cornflakes – ‘I keep missing my mouth with my spoon!’

  2. You could always move to the US… Then you could sue Kellogs for not putting suitable warnings on the packet and the resultant material damage and mental stress.
    After all if a MaccaD’s coffee needs a ‘warning: this beverage is hot’ message on it, then surely ‘cornflake terrors’ is fair game!?