Some of you may know that my sleeping pattern can get pretty dodgy. When there’s no incentive to get up, I simply don’t get up (until late anyway). So summer holidays can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if they last over a third of the year as this one has. I’m a nightowl anyway, but it just gets ridiculous during summer, and at a certain stage I fall asleep during daylight more often than I fall asleep during the dark.

And then I sleep on and on and on. At the moment I’m averaging about ten hours a day. I think this is officially unhealthy. I have less time to be out in the fresh air. I eat less. I do less. I be less. I am officially less of a person during the summer. Because basically I have no reason to be at all.

It’s actually quite worrying. I sleep for about ten hours a day, and for those few hours that I am awake I am so tired and lacking energy that I might as well be asleep.

I do try to set the alarm but it just doesn’t work. Sure it wakes me up (not that I always remember it), but I just get up, switch it off, and dive back into bed again (placing the alarm clock at the opposite side of the room doesn’t work), and immediately I fall asleep and have a random nightmare, probably about trains.

Well all that’s going to change in less than a month. In just three weeks university starts up again. I want to avoid the sort of thing that often happened last year, when I would stumbled around with so little grace that I might as well have been turned inside out. I’m sure that at some stage people will have thought I was drunk. Speaking to people was a bloody nightmare.

Acquaintance: Hi, Duncan! I’d like you to meet my friend, Random Person X.

Random Person X: Hello, nice to meet you.

Me: Hrbblurrrhrgh. Phmmggmgmgmgns. Essay. Rrrr,gh,g,ggm’ii. Bye.

So I’ve got to gently transform myself from a zombie that emerges at about 2:30pm into the early bird that gets up before 8am, in a manner that won’t turn me insane, in the space of three weeks.

Or so I thought.

You see, I am a fan of Sigur Rós, and their new album comes out on the 12th of September. And I’ve been waiting three years for a new Sigur Rós album, so I am not prepared to wait any longer than that. And you can bet that if I order it from somewhere like Amazon that it will arrive weeks late. But I live in Kirkcaldy, where there are no longer any decent music shops, unless you count Woolworths, which you don’t.

My brother recently passed his driving test. So I hatched a plan to get him to give me a lift to nearby Glenrothes where I will hopefully be able to find lovely CDs. I thought I’d be able to emerge out of bed whenever I wanted and turn up at Glenrothes in fifteen minutes.

Oh no. My brother’s got fresher’s week starting on exactly the same day and for some reason — don’t ask me — he wants to go along and join the party and be a fresher and probably sign a few important forms or something. The selfish bastard.

So I’ve got to get up at 8:30am in two weeks’ time so that he can get on with his own life instead of carting me about in search of a CD by an Icelandic one-eyed homosexual who plays his guitar with a cello bow and sings in falsetto.

Shop assistant: Ah, Sigur Rós. Great band, aren’t they? …… Er, do you have an MVC card?

Me: Ffffhfhshsgssgfhg.


  1. what s the score wae sleeves.

    I used tae love that shop . A sign o the times with the advent of p2p networks there is just no money in independent music shops. Anyway what chomps gonna pay 12 sqiud for a album when they could download the song they want for pennys and in a fraction of the time.

    My experience of folk down linktoon is they all spik like that . lol lol lmao .

    post script : I am looking for local websites around kirkcaldy area and Fife to link to my local info and forum site. If you know of any blogs or websites that are kirkcaldy related let me ken , and I’ll gie ye a link or two . see yie l8r gadges !
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