Tea is not a jammy piece

I’ve been having a look at the BBC’s Voices website which has been publicised a bit recently. I’m trying to do this wordmap thing, which I am finding quite difficult. I tried it before, and I gave up. Because right now it’s asking me what word I use for ‘to sleep’, and I only ever say ‘sleep’. I don’t say something like, “I’m going to thrrppaaph now because I’m tired.” Surely everybody says sleep? ‘To play (a game)’? “I gloss’med Monopoly yesterday.” ???

The only thing I can think for ‘pleased’ is ‘happy’. I put ‘frustrated’ in for ‘annoyed’ and I appear to be the only person in the British Isles who has done so. Has anybody got any suggestions for frustrated? I don’t know any other words for ‘baby’ — not any that I’d use anyway (‘bairn’, I mean come on). ‘Trousers’?

How about ‘attractive’? I actually just about always say ‘attractive’, although most people around me say ‘hot’ I think. But I don’t do that because it just confuses it with.. er, ‘hot’. And conversations just turn into this:

“I’m really hot today.”
“Really? You look just as ugly as ever to me.”

The entire thing completely avoids the main issues. In case you don’t know, here they are:

  • People who call ‘lunch’ ‘dinner’
  • People who call ‘dinner’ ‘tea’
  • People who call ‘dinner’ ‘supper’

Lunch is what you have at about 1 o’clock. You do not eat dinner at that time. Dinner is no earlier than 5pm and usally after 6. Tea is something that you drink out of a mug, and not a “jammy piece,” as somebody once told me I needed for my ‘tea’.

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