Holyrood’s electoral wiggle

Report seeks electoral shake-up.

I’ve never been keen on the idea of there being two different types of MSP. I also dislike any form of list system because it involves voting for a party rather than an individual, so all the politicians concentrate on trying to impress party big-wigs rather than the voters (not that this isn’t a problem with all types of politician no matter what system is used). It looks like AMS is here to stay though, for the time being at least.

Coterminosity — which I have just learned from reading The Scotsman article is the word for Holyrood’s boundaries matching Westminster’s boundaries — is pretty important to me. Having different boundaries would be necessary in my system of choice, STV, but under AMS there is no excuse. If they really must keep on having 129 MSPs (which is too much in my opinion), they can move on to Westminster’s boundaries for the constituency vote and have more list MSPs. The current system is just unnecessarily confusing.

I don’t see there being a shake-up any time soon though. It’ll be more of a wiggle if anything.

Via Make My Vote Count.

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