1. Have you bought his book yet, ‘Screen Burn’? It’s the best of his TV column over the past 4 years or so. Great stuff.

    Although you start to think he spends a little too much time watching TV.

    I remember Charlie Brooker writing for PC Zone years ago. That was before he become a pseudo-journo-celeb and it was cool to like him. He made the mag great fun. And abusive. And then he left and afterwards it went crap. Just like every computer magazine ever since.

  2. I’ve not bought the book. Probably won’t.. It will probably involve too much effort remembering television events from four years ago.

    I guess watching too much TV is alright if your job is to write a column about it.

  3. His column is very good. He described BB6 Craig thus: “Listening to him is like lying in your own coffin, hearing rainwater seep through the cracks.”

  4. Brilliant. His book has had me in tears of laughter, although I never get around to reading his actual column.

    TVGohome is fantastic too. A shame the website has since disappeared.